Bainskloof Corner Lodge is nestled amongst the majestic mountains of the Limietberg Nature Reserve. Placed in the heart of the
102 000 ha Boland Mountain Complex World Heritage Site. Relax and soak in the view of the surrounding mountains and winding Witte River.

Feel welcomed by Hassan your host.

For adventurous nature lovers there are various walks and hikes starting from the lodge. For people that want to unwind the river is a few minutes walk from the lodge. Find your own secluded rock pool and let the river and magic of nature wash the stress away. Hiking permits and hiking trail map books are available at the lodge.

The most well known hikes from the lodge are:

  • Bobbejaans River which is a moderate 8km, 6 hour hike up to stunning waterfalls.
  • Happy Valley easy family route of 9km, 6 hours to junction pools
  • Rock Hopper which is 8km, 6 hour moderate to difficult involving rock hopping, swimming and lots of adventure following the beautiful Witte River.

Take a moderate walk or cycle along the Bainskloof Pass for a historical perspective and see the beautiful rock formations, rivers , fauna and flora.

The popular Overnight Limietberg Hiking Trail starts at Tweede Tol (safe parking available). Day One is a 13km moderate to difficult hike in a Southerly direction up to the Lodge (Take lots of water!). Day Two has a selection of different hikes, depending on your preference and fitness. Feel free to discuss these routes when you stop by at our lodge.

Bainskloof Corner Lodge is the new overnight stop for the Limietberg Hiking Trail. Book your accommodation requirements now for the hiking season.

Click here for more information on our hiking trails.

A salute to all who partied at Corner House.

Many good times came from going through those blue doors. Numerous nights of dancing on the dark dance floor, meeting famous, happy, sad, crazy, fun amazing people. Patting Spot the dog and throwing his stick. Walking out the doors to discover its mid-morning and the sun is shining. Chatting with Hassan about life & love - listening to his stories & unique brand of wisdom. The spirit of Corner House lives on at Bainskloof Corner Lodge.

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